Professional References



I have known Craig Patterson for more than eight years. As a Lawyer, I have acted for many clients who have been referred by Craig and his company. I have heard many of his clients say that they have been very impressed with his service.

He is always a gentleman and you could rely on his word. I have personally been very impressed by how successful he has been in his business. I like how very kind and supportive he is to his staff and clients.

I would recommend him and his business to any of my clients.

Stephen Kannangara


I have been doing work with Craig and the Quantum group for around 2 years now. They refer a lot of their clients to me for accounting advice. In all aspects I have found them to be efficient, honest and knowledgeable.

The clients have also told me how impressed they are with the service and how easy it makes investing for them. They really care about their clients and want them to have a retirement plan in place.

There have been a couple of instances where the investors have had changes in their circumstances, e.g. become redundant, and Craig has let them out of their contracts. I find this very admirable as well as refreshing in these times.

Raelene Rees


I am a partner at Weston Ward & Lascelles, Barristers and Solicitors, and head its property/commercial division. As will be no surprise, I have, over my many years in the practice, come across a wide range of people involved in the “property investment market” ranging from the
“colourful”, to others more aptly described as complete rogues and charlatans.

As a consequence I have developed a degree of cynicism that is bordering on the palpable. I am however very pleased to say that during all these years I have acted for Quantum, not once have I had cause to question Craig’s ethics or fairness.

As his lawyer, I can honestly say Craig has often put his good name ahead of pure self interest
and I think for this reason Quantum is the company it is today.

I have a small portfolio of investments which I secured through Craig and continue to do
business with him at a personal level.

D J Houston