What we do

What we do for you

At Quantum we understand that who you are as a person is undeniably linked with your financial goals. Genuinely getting to know you is vital to us as we work through the uniqueness of your financial situation unveiling any complexities and providing clear choices for your future. Quantum can provide you with a comprehensive financial services package or you can select from the services you require listed below.

We offer our clients

Personalised Financial Advice

Want to discover your investment potential? Personalised financial advice identifies potentnial financial threats within a comprehensive financial history. This enables our clients to set achievable investment goals with targeted solutions.

Retirement Planning

Quantum can assist you in calculating your retirement needs, providing solutions to achieve these goals in a given time frame.

Investment Analysis and Planning

Carefully assessing our client’s needs and resources help the team at Quantum develop a comprehensive investment plan. This includes identifying investment options that can immediately be acquired along with future goals that are cohesive with your financial strategy.

Investment Management

For clients with larger portfolios, Quantum offers an investment management service with customised reporting tools that centralise important and relevant information. This ensures complex portfolios are managed competently with frequent and ongoing reviews.

Tax advice

Understanding tax legislations and guidelines is vital to our business, while ensuring your portfolios take full advantage of the opportunities available. Our planning advice will incorporate solutions that provide tax efficiency within the current New Zealand legislation

Wealth Creation / Cash Flow Enhancement

An assesment of your financial obligations is an important process when moving from where you are, to where you want to be. Expert advice can dramatically improve your ongoing cash flow while identifying short, medium and long-term financial goals.

Debt / Mortgage Consolidation

Paying off your debts and/or mortgage sooner can save you thousands of dollars. Speak to us about debt consolidation and reduction. We provide an effective assessment strategy that could dramatically decrease your liabilities.

Asset Protection

Protecting your hard earned assets should not be overlooked. Quantum can provide a full risk assessment of your protection policies. Acquiring professional advice on how to set up trusts or ensure you have the correct property ownership structure can give full peace of mind for the future.